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A disturbingly attractive group of Pacific northwest dwellers with a collective IQ sitting around speed of sound. The Gulliksons are not a hairy people, and they farm a respectable herd of dodge steeds for transportation and defense purposes. Their primitive humor is countered by their advanced weaponry and understanding of complex tools, like hammers. A well-armed society, the Gulliksons are best left to their own devices as their underdeveloped social skills coupled with a strong dislike of all things blue often lead to conflicts with neighboring tribes of passifistic yet irritating leftists.
"Did you hear that Jim took his Subaru into the woods to observe the mating rituals of the woodpecker and test out his new REI biodegradable binoculars?"

"Yeah man, that was weeks ago. Word is that his car got stuck in a cow patty somewhere near Gullikson territory. The cops told search and rescue to not even bother."
by Spartette December 02, 2009
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