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An awesome guy who is pretty funny and carefree. Usually mexican pretty tall and cute. Many girls would like him but he never tries to go after them. he's a cool chilled dude likes video games plays sports,and someone you can luagh with and just hang out with. People love to have them as a Friend. Usually gets good grades, hates drama ,good guy, and is silly some people don't like that about him but others love him for being the odd one out. Helps you feel better on the sad days and always tries to cheer you up.if he knows there something that you should know he Tells you.He's the one friend that introduces you to new people and you can count on. He's one of the best friends you can ask for!!
Friend 1 :Hey have you seen Sally ? she's been so sad latley

Friend 2 :i know she needs to talk with Gulliermo he always cheer people up.
by 55664477338822990011 March 10, 2013
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