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Gukich. pernounced JEW-kitch. Is probably best descibed as a sports term or play. Its a saying of accomplishment and honor, which can be used in any kind of sport known. Gukich represents high authority and precision skill when the term is being used in play. Only the best of the best can pull of a Gukich
Basketball :" wow, see that crossover? he just pulled an amazing Gukich"

Football: "wow it looked like he just ran right past the guy, that was one amazing Gukich"

Boxing: " did you see that counter punch?? thats the best Gukich ive seen in years"

Soccer: " that was an amazing juke he pulled" "no... that was no juke, that was a Gukich!"

wrestling: "he just faked a take down to that kid" "yea, that was a definite Gukich"

hockey: "that block by the goaly was out of this world!" "yea, but that was a top skill Gukich right their."

Gukich, can be used in any kind of sport, Just use your imagination.
by ThAt OnE NaTiVE GUY February 03, 2010
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