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A Guitar Hero Scenario when two or more people, preferably a couple are having an arguement.

Then in the middle of the conversation one(normally the male) will offer to play a game of Guitar Hero.

Normally when this happens the other person will either.

A) Break Up With You
B) Leave Angrily
C) Tell You To Leave
D) Play Guitar Hero(very Unlikely)

The Guitar Hero Scenario is also Related to
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Diane-I Can't Beleive You Deleted Me On Facebook!

William-I Can't Beleive You Wanted To Pose For Playboy, Your Not Even Hot!!

Diane-Thats Not What Your Dad Said!

William-Wanna Play Guitar Hero?

Diane-Um No!! What A Stupid Question, I'm Going To My Mothers, I Will Pick My Stuff Up In The Morning!

William-I Think I Just Got 100% On Purple Haze On Medium, Oh Nevermind, Thats 10%

Diane-I Can't Beleive You Tried The Guitar Hero Scenario!!
by Ninstation August 05, 2009
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