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Consists of dropping a shot of Jagermeister into a pint of Guinness, the participant must then down the resulting 'Guinness Bomb' in one. Much like it's more popular cousin the Jager Bomb, but much more potent.
Did you see that Barry down a Guinness Bomb last night?
by barry billet street January 06, 2012
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A cocktail, consisting of a freshly pulled pint of Guinness with a shot of Jaegermeister and Red Bull dropped into it. Popularised at the bar 'Carpe Diem' in Leeds city centre, but the concoction has since spread elsewhere
An example of a Guinness-Bomb can be provided by sidling up to a willing barman and giving him the glad wink.
by Jeffery McDermmott January 18, 2013
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