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Cute animals that give birth to 1 to 3 but can give birth to 6 or more. Usually the signs are drinking more getting plum. You can feel babies moving if you put her on your lap. Do Not Squeeze Her!!! You can feel the babies but not too often or never too hard!!!! Babies are born with teeth, open eyes, claws, and can walk in about an hour or less. Babies can eat adult food, although they still suckle or drink form the mother's nipples. Also nipples get bigger, and darken during guinea pig pregnancy. Hope this helps!
Ask your vet if you have any other questions. Do not breed guinea pigs for no purpose it could kill her. Keep a vet on hand so if your guinea pig is taking longer than 5 minutes between babies it could be an emergency. Guinea pig birth will last about 30 minutes. I Love Guinea Pigs!!!
Guinea pig Pregnancy "What if we went to my guinea pig's cage and there was babies everywhere" I joked. My friends laughed. when we went to my guinea pig's cage there were babies everywhere! I guess my sorta wish came true! It was funny but for the most part we had cute babies!
by I Heart Guinea Pigs December 07, 2008
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