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Social media memes, emails, or status updates that propagate themselves by making one feel guilty about not reposting, forwarding, or sharing. Usually involves a sensitive and emotionally charged topic such as abortion or animal abuse. Guilt spam has no real purpose, gives no useful information, and is not humorous except in an ironic way, yet will appear multiple times on your Facebook newsfeed due to pressure to share the status or meme, thus falling into the category of spam.
"Like and share this picture if you are against abortion. If not, keep scrolling."

"Repost this if you support cancer research. I know which of my friends will share, and who will keep scrolling."

To use in a sentence: "I'm going to start blocking people who send me guilt spam. Of course I support cancer research, but I'm not going to repost this picture just because you are trying to make me feel guilty."
by TwilightZone January 14, 2013
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