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Guillemettes are some of the nicest, most selfless, and empathetic girls in the world. She will always stick up for you and is loyal until the very end. When you need a shoulder to cry on, she's there. When you are laughing so hard that you might run out of air, she will be there to laugh along with you. Though all of these amazingly spectacular traits exist within her, she has a dark side too. She may not mean it, but sometimes she makes everyone around her feel invisible and insecure. She changes those around her for the better and for the worst. You are lucky and cursed to ever meet a Guillemette.
Guillemette and I are going downtown tomorrow with friends.
by <fakesmiles> February 08, 2019
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An overly tall, clumsy, teenage boy that always manages to fuck something up. He can often be seen surfing gay porn and shopping for khaki pants and fleece turtlenecks. In his freetime, he enjoys visiting Chip-n-Dale's for a quickie and playing The Matrix Online.
Guillemette: "That tribal tattoo looks so cool."

Strait male: "Shut the fuck up, you queer."
by Vaginal Jesus April 03, 2005
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