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A Myspace.Com based television show starring 2 juiceheads , Danny Casanova and Gianni Orioli with coverage about steroids, what kind of hair gel you need to use what gym to go to and hot clubs. also a featured top 10 list , and girls from the neighborhood that you shouldn't fuck. Guido tv is widely watched and has become a household name like myspace childhood star Gino the Ginny. Everybody loves a guido, especially one that has been shooting steroids in his ass and tanning until his insides are cooked and enough hair gel to hold a house together. Most known catch phrases a lil bit, and badda boom badda bing badda buffalo wing. They also terrorize Frankie the Fish in the first episode.
Yo did you see guido tv? There was a juicehead from Howard Beach that lost 2 inches in his arms from catching that flu, but don't worry said danny casanova, and Gianni Orioli because the howard beach street pharmacy team is to the rescue.
by The Street Team July 02, 2006
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