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A low life wanna-be italian mobster pretending to be a connected boss, then to have a sitdown and get people to first pay for salty appeteizers, then he does drinks, and a steak and maybe dessert, only to find out that he is just a low life from Atlantic City, NJ pretending to have connected ties with a illegal casino business in Myrtle Beach, SC. At the end all he has to invest in the illegal activities would be a measley 500 bucks that he would have to borrow from his granmother. When the people organized the sitdown find out what he's really about they throw the fish in the dumpster behind the restaraunt after paying 200 dollars for the bill he ran up.
I can't believe this guy, that Frankie the fish he's a slippery fucking guy . One minute he's doing salty appeteizers then the next minute the fucking kid is doing drinks. Something doesn't smell right about that Frankie the Fish. Nobody can run up a bill like the Fish.
by Nicky Papageorgio July 02, 2006
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