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a special shot or drink which is comprised of taking the nights (same or prior's) left over alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages and dumping them into a container and mixing it up. (some versions just let it sit as is no thorough mixing) you then pour this concoction in to a shot glass or drink glass. you may if you choose to freshen it up by adding some other additives* if desired.

see also : New Jersey Turnpike (the drink)

*usually other alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages such as what the drinker or bar-tender may prefer added to it.

*rarely; some people add blood or other additives to the connection to give it a special kick. (unverified)
A:hey man what the fuck was in that drink last night it got me wasted and i'm a HEAVY drinker.
B: oh that was Guido Juice. its my friends specialty.

A: naw man, but what was in it there was definitely something special.
b: we WERE drinking some heavy stuff the night prior. he just mixes everything up and serves it. that's prob why. since some was 200 proof.

a: you had GUIDO JUICE???? i'm surprised you didn't die!
B:why, what's in it?

a: I heard joey likes to add deer's blood to it since he claims it gives him extra energy. most people throw up. you must have a strong stomach.
b: you serious?!
a: who knows! no one's ever seen him mix it or where the bottle comes from.
by zmyr88 August 09, 2018
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