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A delectable combination of iced tea and potato chips which is used to fatten up retards in Schuylkill County. Guers and chippy serves a dual purpose, as it also manages to quiet down tubby mongoloids before their mid-afternoon nap.


Part 1.

Making of the Guers

Guers Iced Tea, AKA "nectar of the Nummy", is a particularly noxious concoction brewed by Schuylkill County troglodytes. It is the favorite beverage of the local retard constituent. Be this as it may, you can save a few pennies of your housecleaning money by substituting "name-brand" Guers with generic powdered iced tea diluted in water. Mix said concoction in an old, empty Guers bottle. You can find said container amongst the refuse of your wealthier neighbors. The retard will never know that what he is drooling onto his Spider-Man sweatshirt is, in actuality, imitation Guers.

2. Preparation of Chippy

Waddle your portly self down to the nearest Boyer's. Purchase one large bag of regular, unruffled Lay's Potato Chips. Give to Nummy along with the imitation Guers.

One of the most confounding things about this "culinary masterpiece" is that, after trying so hard to save eight cents by using powdered iced tea, a bag of name-brand chippy are used, as opposed to generic. This can only be attributed to what is called "Schuylkill mentality".
Thelma: "Bily! Come get your Guers and chippy!"

Bily: "RAAAA!!!"

Junior: "Hwy doughs NOT leave SNOT on my couch today, Bilhwy!"

Lucy: Scratches asshole on carpet
by BirkyTeppoo April 05, 2009
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