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Gudah is the most amazing, kindest, sexiest, talented guy you will ever meet. He will be the one who will help you in your time of need. He will be your best friend. He will always be by your side, even if you make him sad or angry. Gudah is the most perfect boy, who will show his affection through artistic means. He will show you what it is to be truly loved, unconditionally. He will kiss your tears away, and make you smile regardless of the pain you may have felt. He will make silly faces at you for no reason, and when he smiles at you, your heart will beat faster than ever. Gudah has so much love in his heart, and he is the kind of guy you want to have by your side, through every step of life.
"Are you friends with Gudah?"
"Yes, he's the best friend I could ever have"
by Kintsukuroi November 25, 2014
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