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A person with snobbish tendencies who thinks their opinions are more sophisticated, cultured and unique than everyone else's. In reality, they are people without a thought of their own who regurgitate the opinions expressed in the Guardian to create the illusion that they have sophisticated, cultured and unique ideas.

The origin of the phrase is an analogy of 'corn-fed chicken' which is a cause célèbre amongst Guardian readers and enables these people to feel better others who simply eat 'chicken'.
girl: have you read 'The Finkler Question'?
guy: what's 'The Finkler Question'?
girl: it won the Booker Prize last year.

guy: are you saying it's good?
girl: the Guardian said it was good.

guy: don't be a Guardian-fed chicken, now. make up your own mind.
girl: but that would mean I'd have to read the book!
by the_sea_the_sea January 07, 2011
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