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Used as a phrase stemming from NCAA Football 2006 in which someone is so good at the game that before the ball is snapped, they are so confident in the play's potential success, they simply say: "Guaranteed TD." (guaranteed touchdown)

The phrase is then used whenever someone is confident about any other ocurrence in one's life about to take place.

Scenario is usually posed as a question, followed by "Guaranteed TD" at the very end.

Can also be used in shortened notation: i.e. "GTD."
"2nd & 3?" "Defense in cover 2?" "Trips left?" "HB Direct? "Pulsating?"....GUARANTEED TD...or...real life example...Having some girls over eh? Beer pong? Watching a movie and cuddling after? pleeease....Guaranteed TD.
by Jimmy33 December 07, 2005
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