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n. - The study of the Grundle. May include the study of the immediate area surrounding the grundle and the grundle's inter-organal relationship to said areas, the areas in this case being the testes and anus. Modern Grundology tends to place a strong emphasis on the relationship between the individual's grundle and the grundles of the world, seeking to reach that harmonious balance between and within each grundle. Studies show that someday in the not-too-distant future the grundles of the world may actually reach a certain level of homeostasis, leading to ultimate grundle enlightenment and allignment with the big grundle in the sky.
*note* Grundology is not to be confused with Grundolocism, which is the worship of the grundle and all that is holy about said area.
"Hey, what are you going to major in at college?"
"I was leaning towards Spanish, but I hear the field of Grundology is gaining a great amount of fame, so I might switch the focus of my major to Grundology with a minor in Inter-Grundular relations."

"His grundle is sending out menacing vibrations."

"How do you say 'grundle' in Korean?"
-"It's just 'grundle.' It doesn't translate. The grundle is universal . . . it's the same in all languages."

"Do grundles come in different sizes?"
-"Yes. Black people have the biggest grundles."
by RaulChavez June 19, 2006
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