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(n.) grundlecakes are created when excess vaginal secretions seep from the vagina and run down to the grundle where they dry forming a flaky, crusty, build up. This usually occurs during aggressive foreplay or hardcore sex in the missionary position when the female becomes increasingly aroused and wet. The term grundlecakes refers to both the caking of the vaginal secretions to the grundle area, in addition to the actual flakes and clumps that shed from the grundle upon the bedsheets. Grundlecakes is not merely a female phenomena but can form on the male if the vaginal secretions are spread during intercourse to his grundle and dry there.
Erin was slightly disgusted and surprised to find grundlecakes all over her bedsheets the next morning after Anthony provided her with a weeks worth of orgasms the previous night.
by Optimus P March 03, 2011
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A cake that can be formed with a handful of fromunda cheese, grundle juice (sweat), and hair. In serving this, one might ask if they would care for a scoop of grundle cake. A true delight it is!
Dude, those cookies taste like shit, want some grundle cake?
by Jack Meoff February 03, 2005
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