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A wierd ass looking fucking house in St. Augustine Florida. This is the home of the famous grundfuttock. The house is very distinguishable and there have been known to be parties that last 48 hours straight there.

It is unusual in that there are 4 doors on the second floor leading to knowhere.

This is also the home of Kevin Fi Chris (KFC) Frat.

If you are ever at Flager beach it is essential that you check out the grundfuttock house and enjoy the experience for yourself.
College Student 1: Hey man do you know who lives in that tall white house?
College Student 2: Yea dumbass it's the fucking grundfuttock house
College Student 3: Yo we gotta go and rage with the grundfuttock, they throw the best keggers
College Student 2: O yea and the kegs are usually PBR
All students: Fuck yea the fucking grundfuttock is the place to be
by Grinnell March 31, 2008
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