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The Origins of Grove Rats, despite the negative stories created in the minds of haters, the real story is one of pride.

By the Spring of 1937, it looked like the country was finally recovering from the great depression. Production, profits, and wages had regained their 1929 levels. This is when the Grove grew into a town, and luckily this was done when things were looking up. The American economy took a sharp downturn in mid-1937, lasting for 13 months through most of 1938 and it wasn't until W.W.II that employment began to recover.

1937...that was the year that changed the Grove, from being just a rural farm crossroads, into a small town. The original Big World Store, the High School and the original Grove Theater were built within a few months of each other. This became the center of the community.

The local youth took pride in their community and just like a school adopts a mascot, they decided they would too. They fancied themselves a force to be reckoned with and adopted the moniker "Grove Rats", a strong, fearsome title.

The name stuck and was passed down through the generations. While subsequent generations tried to lay claim to its' invention, it clearly predated their arrival on this earth.

It has come to be a proud symbol for Pleasant Grove, in spite of attempts by haters to make it derogatory.

Standing Strong, Standing Proud, We are the Grove Rat!

Provided by: Samuell aka Sammy2Times

(c) copyright Norma Davis 2012
Them Grove Rats sure are proud of their origins.
by Sammy2Times December 04, 2014
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A "Grove Rat" is a person living in the poor Southeast Dallas Inner city neighborhoods known collectively as Pleasant Grove. The term came about first due to a violent city motorcycle gang which started in the 60's the "Grove Rats" which use to hang out near Bruton Terrace near Samuell High School.

The term was first widley used in the 80's due to the living conditions of Pleasant Grove slums where many Rats live and that a Rat would do anything to survive, as in, a human "Grove Rat" would also do anything also to survive.
Man, ain't nothing but a bunch of Grove Rats live off of St. Augustine Road.
by jiiiss September 01, 2017
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