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A game played mainly at a play structure. First the game begins with the person "it" counting to ten. The person "it" has his/her eyes closed while trying to tag the other players. If tagged you are "it". The person "it" can say "groundbees" as many times as they want, if the person it says "groundbees" and you are on the ground you are "it". The person "it" is allowed to go on the play structure and on the ground. The players are allowed to go on both too, but it would be dangerous to go on the ground because the person "it" would say "groundbees" and you would be "it". This game is a game of skill and ninja-ness.
While playing Groundbees I got hurt jumping from the slide to the platform. But, i'm still going to go back and play today because it's so fun.

by Qbster April 06, 2009
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