A place where either your extremely gay or a sports highlighter kid in the closet with internalized homophobia. You probably also wonder why we have weird team names.
Gms(Groton middle school) has a teacher named Mr.Larrow who dosn’t like me
by Your welcome Moriah October 19, 2021
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groton middle school lies within a very unpopulated town of connecticut. groton middle school has the most bitchy teachers of ur life and also has the ugliest homiesexual white boys that think they’re him. the girls in ts school are either fake asf or have no personality, pouting their lips and spreading their ass cheeks on sinks
groton middle school also goes by the abbreviation GMS.

team michigan (ms. panucci) was the best team of groton middle school
by shhhhhhhsomeone August 7, 2023
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