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1. A certain individual whose mother (or father) happens to look like or be an orc. It is colloquially used as an insult for the mere though of having intercourse with a tusked orc is quite insane.

2. A person with no brains at all, who wishes to inflict harm upon another human. See also zombie

3. A creature that lives in salt-marshs and rock cliffs, feeding primarily upon crabs. The gromnir is a peaceful creature, and is very intellegent. They are preyed upon by "Vermicious Knids". They are incredibly rare and seeing one is considered fantastic luck.
1. "Shut the hell up you dumb gromnir!"

2. "Look out, the gromnirs are attacking!"

3. "LOOK! Over near those cliffs, its a gromnir! Good luck for the rest of the year is ours!"
by Progreen7 March 09, 2010
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