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Not to be confused with the grumbo, the grombo is a cocktail consisting of gatorade, vodka, and soda water, with hangover curing and other magical properties.

You can make variations of the grombo by switching out soda water for regular or other water, and by customizing with different flavors of gatorade, and mixing and matching flavors.

One common variation is the lime green grombo, the recipe is as follows.
• Vodka
• Water
Yellow Gatorade
• Smidgeon of Blue Gatorade
>>>mix blue gatorade as needed until green
• Garnish with a used lime
2 grombos please, barman.

Hey Rick, get me a grombo with a side mac salad.

This grombo tastes like a grumbo.

"Austin, do you want a yellow or blue grombo? "
"I'll do a green."
by Senor Sherpa March 03, 2017
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