"She's hot, but she has a grizz, so im not touching that"grizz hairy unshaven aumish bush
by ForceBreaker January 12, 2015
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Grizz is always that cool kid in the crowd that takes everybody girl and buys everyone drinks.
i'm not going to that party unless grizz is djing.

yoo grizz took your girl man!

Yo Grizz did you tap that!!??
by thatdjfrommiami February 28, 2011
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The Q6 starting hand in Texas Hold 'em. It was named for a shift manager who currently works at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN and who frequently plays this starting hand. One day, he was playing at a table with all dealers except for one guy who no one could stand because he was always criticizing how other people played. Grizz beat this guy's aces with the Q6, and the guy stood up and said "I'm never playing with you dealers again!" The whole room gave Grizz a standing ovation.
I limped with the grizz in middle position and made sixes full of queens.
I cracked his aces with the grizz.
by benofepmn March 15, 2013
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Short for grizzly. An older man who tries to hook up with younger women.
Did you see that grizz try to buy her a drink?
by SeattleEverett September 07, 2007
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