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A 40 something year old woman who ALWAYS has to tell people how it is and sometimes point out the obvious in what is wrong in a situation – no matter how big or small the issue at hand is. While some may view her as a chronic complainer or battleaxe, others may view her as giving constructive criticism to improve the situation.
While eating at a casino breakfast buffet, Gritz Lady sits down with her hot bowl of what was labeled as grits on the buffet table (she was skeptical as she ladled the porridge into her bowl to start with). Upon further examination and initial consumption of said β€œgrits,” she loudly exclaims to her boyfriend, β€œThese are NOT grits, this is Malt-O-Meal; I’m going to set someone straight on this.” Needless to say, the poor young man working hard to keep the buffet line wiped up spic and span got an ear full about the issue of the bait and switch regarding labeled hot grits when in reality they had filled the pot with Malt-O-Meal. (this is the very situation where the boyfriend coined the name; the stories and complaints go on and on and on...)
by Gritz Lady September 20, 2011
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