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Grinspoon Fans are walking contradictions. They have deep issues with moving on from childhood (eg. Frequently seen wearing fairy wings, plastic princess crowns or backpacks featuring child-entertainment groups in an attempt to be "cute" and "squishy"- ie. The Wiggles, Hi-5, the Teletubbies, Bob The Builder are a popular choice for bodily promotion)--- yet at the same time, strive to be adult-ish.

The ways in which FEMALE Grinners attempt to be "grown-up" is by hanging out with large male-dominated groups, who generally also stray fondly into the Grinspoon Fan category, although the occassional silently brooding goth who trails within these groups can be found. They also enjoy jumping of the backs or shoulders of the males in these groups, showing off their lack of bodily fat and muscle tone. Many dance like hippies, act like Avril Lavigne (yet at the same time insist on their hate towards her) and purposely act like a "dork" to appear "cool" amongst their peers.

MALE Grinners are somewhat the same, but due to double standards do not choose to hang out in large groups of girls ("gay") but prefer to hang in mostly all-male groups or groups with 1 or 2 girls (Usually the girlfriends of other mates). Male Grinners usually select 1 or 2 close fellow Grinner males and become "wild" partakers in mosh-pits, frequently brandishing the "rock on" finger gesture and pretend to be deeply rooted in the music surrounding them, so much so they can enter what is known as the GRINSPOON trance, in which it does not matter how many weaker beings may be hurt or have the Grinner's sweaty armpit in their face in the process, but they aim to cause CHAOS or "death" circles. Or as we prefer to call them, "Circles of Grin".

Note: Grinspoon Fan is a term that does not actually apply to the good fans of the great band Grinspoon, but rather those that show up at any show looking like the description above, and acting like they have a right to be stupid.
For examples of Grinspoon Fans, see definition.
by J.Lax & Minions September 21, 2005
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