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Gringlish is the word best able to describe the fusion of English words and Greek linguistic format.
H Grocaria - grocery store.
To Caro - the car.
Ta beloziria - below zero temperatures.

Greek Americans use Gringlish everyday.
by Just a Greek March 18, 2008
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Spanish equivalent of Pig-Latin, in which English words are "Spanishized" by adding "-o" to the end of the word. Frequently used by clueless American college students on Spring Break in Cabo or Cancun.
Spring Breaker: "Donde esta el bano? Yo Need-o take-o un piss-o."

Buddy: "What the heck was that, man? You were totally talking Gringlish!"
by El Mexigringo September 28, 2010
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The always ridiculous, sometimes hilarious speech that ensues when a clueless gringo tries to approximate the "Spanish" language. Usually sincerely spoken (as if the speaker really believes it to be correct); sometimes intentionally affected for its humor value. Frequently heard spewing from the mouths of the D students in your Spanish class, stoner surfers in Baja, or frat boys on spring break. Often spoken in a VERY LOUD VOICE.

Most classic examples of gringlish don't ensue from a disrespect for Spanish or Latinos, but rather expose (and make fools of) the gringlish-speakers and their ignorance of Latino people and culture(s).

(D student with Spanish teacher:)

Student: Mi llamo es Dylan.
Teacher (correcting him): Me llamo Dylan.
Student: !Yo soy muy embarazado!

(Frat boy speaking gringlish to taxi driver:)

Yo quiero voy el beach-o, por favor-o.

(Surfer dude turning in for the night:)

!Bonus nachos dude-os!
by S. Osborn October 11, 2007
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