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Grimith is a not-that-well-known gaming commentator on the website Youtube, as well as on the VoltronArmy forums. He is well known within the VoltronArmy community, but on Youtube and elsewhere, much less so. Views of Grimith differ, as some find his vulgar language, as well as his maniacal behavior concerning. Others, however, see Grimith as one of the pinnacles in the game commentating community of Youtube, however little-known he is. He is liked by most for playing lesser-known games, his sense of humor, and his sometimes hilariously morbid behavior.

Some of his most liked series of gaming are the "Trilby Quadrilogy," King of Dragon Pass, Sid Meier's games, Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, Star Zoo, Daggerfall , Liberal Crime Squad ,and Nintendo games.

He is considered by many to be a great man, however loosely the term is applied.
Liberal Comrade: "Did you see that new video Grimith uploaded?"

Moderate Potential: "Yeah it was pretty good; made me laugh."

Conservative Scum: "Horrible. Absolutely horrible. Never shall I be free of the sights and sounds i have experienced on this day!"
by IthurtsIthurtsIthurtsIthurts October 09, 2011
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