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The time where you be murkin on a nigga and spillin his guts all up on da flo, then leave dat nigga in yo trash can wit no spine or head..

Slice and dice a nigga til he aint got no arms or legs nigga..

hit a nigga in the chin wit a sledge hammer, never talkin again..

curb stomppin a nigga..
Villy McKilly: Nigga, im bout to go grim reaper status on dat bitch nigga..

Dj cyanyde: nahh nigga, if you do make sure you get rid that niggas dome piece so da 5-0 aint at yo door nigga.

Villy McKilly: dont worry nigga, ill feed dat bitch ass to da meat grinder down da block.. no worries nigga..
by Villain McKillinem February 06, 2010
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