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A Greystones snob, guilty of snobbery, is a person who adopts the worldview that some people are inherently inferior to him/her for any one of a variety of reasons including real or supposed intellect, wealth, education, ancestry, etc from Greystones, Co.Wicklow, Ireland.
Often don't actually reside in Greystones but in a posh environ like Delgany.Known for complaining about nearly everything and trying to be the ultimate Town Person/Local Politician yet still sourcing there interests (i.e Their children, Interests) elsewhere (mostly D4 area).

i.e Taking interest in the upkeep of the Local school yet still sending their children to affluent school in south Dublin.<see Blackrock,Institute>

Show similar traits with the wannabe D4 and Charleslandian.
Not to be confused with a True Greystoner.
..................(Local Council Meeting)................

Anne Crawley: ...................... And that is why my fellow Greystones Snobs , I think ,we should build a Brown Thomas in the area where the Pork is!

Politician A : Well Mrs Cawley, it would seem the residents in the Park might object to that.

Anne Crawley: Let the illiterate eat cake! Were in serious need of a BT pronto! Even with my Land Rover, Grafton street is a distance.

Politcian B: Well maybe we could put one really close to you.We could build it in Delgany?

Anne Crawley: And ruin my lovely 50 Hector garden which acts as a barrier from the commoners in Greystones? Not a fucking chance ! We will it have your way then gentlemen, We will just build one in Hillside instead.
by Al Baker April 13, 2008
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