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Synonymous with "Greyhole", it is a small town in northern Wyoming, population 1853, that's an awful place for anyone not conservative or a redneck to live. High school students activities involve doing meth and each other. Just gained a Pamida last year. Homosexuals and MTV were banned here until 1997. This town still follows such as archaic customs, such as the "if there are more than 3 Native Americans on your lawn, it's considered a hunting party and you're to shoot them". If you're a black person and here, you're allowed to do nothing past 6. Most people visit this town only on the way to Yellowstone, and think it's a sad little town. If you're there for longer, I'm sorry.
I grew up in Greybull, Wyoming!" "I'm sorry.
by Ashley Moo and Mathew C May 21, 2011
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