A male generally early teens to mid twenties, who sports the TOWIE haircut and clothing attire, false/sunbed tan (Tan-tastic), who goes to a nightclub and sits in a booth with his other drones and orders a bottle of grey goose. When it arrives, they take to posing and taking countless pictures, of their supposed grandieur nightout and existance, due to their expensive taste in what actually is a very good vodka. They may actually get some pussy through this social extravaganza, however the slightly more socially and culturally aware among know this vodka is mass produced and is not as of a socially exclusive beverage that these GGWs portray.
Observer 1 : Look at him over there , sporting that haircut and attire"
(Looks at Observer 2, with slight disdain)
Observer 2: Grey Goose Wanker?
Observer 1: Yeah a think so.
Observer 2: Why can't they just sit down and drink without constantly taking photos with their phones?
Observer 1: It is one of lifes' great mysteries.
(Observer 2 looks over at the GGW Specimen)
Observer 2: Let's see if he orders one.
by shitlikeroses August 16, 2013