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A completely unknown actor who was cast in the Twilight movie. His name haunted many Twilight fans during the casting of the movie because there were no pictures or information about him to be found anywhere on the internet. What character he would ultimately be cast as was the object of much debate.
(Twilight fans when casting of the movie was being announced):

Twilight fan #1: Man, who is this Gregory Tyree Boyce guy?

Twilight fan #2: I don't know! Nothing can be found on him anywhere!

Twilight fan #3: Yeah, I couldn't find out anything about him! Not on Google, not on Facebook, not even on MySpace!

Rabid Twilight fan: DOES HE EVEN EXIST?!?

Other Twilight fans: Calm down, we'll find out who he is soon enough...
by Twilighter February 23, 2008
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