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Greezy Beef.... Greezy Beef Was Coined Sometime in 2010. The ORIGINAL People that created this term are: Jacoby Shaddix (Lead Singer Of Papa Roach) and James Michael a note worthy Rock Music Producer, James Michael Is Also WELL KNOWN as the Lead Singer For The Band SIXX AM. The "Greezy Beef" term came to be one night when these two got totally fucking STONED and were at James Home In Nashville. In James kitchen... there were various plates of food to make TACOS. The Beef (Greezy Beef) was cold. They proceeded to make some "Tacos" out of this dusgusting "beef" heated them up in the microwave. Then they actually ate them! As they were satisfying the "MUNCHIES" they began to laugh like crazy and the term "GREEZY BEEF" was born. There is a video on youtube where you can see the birth of the term Greezy Beef...... Simply search: Greezy Beef
greezy beef old school taco bell getting high 4:20 disgusting meat cold beef taco
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