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Usually a 'Thug Nasty' described as 6'0+ African American male with dreds, wearing an all white/black tall tee with baggy jeans and timberlands or forces(air force ones) as stated in ECU alerts. He probably drives an old chevy or cadi advertising random stuff(best buy, black -n- mild, cottenelle etc.) they usually try and "holla" at ANY GIRL THAT WALKS using phrases like "AY GIRL" "DANG MA...if you come in contact RUUUUUNNNN!!
Ashley-Hey girl you going out tonight?
Bon-quiqui- yea Girl to da Phoenix, you tryna go?
Ashley-EWWW UGHHHHH girl NO last time I was in there it was nothing but a bunch of GREENVILLIANS in there just waiting to rob someone.
by Non-Greenvillian June 03, 2010
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