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A small quaint town in southern Illinois which was until recently "dry" community; meaning that you drink even heavier because when you finally make that 20 mile "beer run" you best make it worth your while! Besides embracing the widely known yet previously closeted alcoholic culture, Greenville is also home to a prison. Lesser known facts are:
-Greenville typically follows popular trends 10 years too late.
-Greenville is the generic sloppy joe capital of the world.

-The "Greenville uniform" is defined as the public wearing of pajama pants and stained threadbare 1990s tweety bird or tazmanian devil t-shirts from Six Flags for the ladies, and a more ecclectic mix of questionably stained basketball shorts and "No Fear" or various monster truck rally t-shirts.

-The most popular form of employment is none.

-Typical residents are distinctly distinguishable from it's surrounding communities peers due to the unique mannerisms, dress, smells, and dialect that is unknowingly displayed.
"Hey man, I'm going to Greenville IL tomorrow , you want to go?"
"Hell no!"
by DefinerInChief February 13, 2017
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