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a place filled with chain stores, potheads, alcoholics, smokers, creepy mexicans, dollar stores, gross whores pushing around babies in strollers, gritty park districts overflowing with drug paraphernalia, poseurs who think that being black and being emo is one and the same, people who start unpractical gang wars with you, police, gross school lunches, and just the general public who does not know how to socialize with the rest, of this normal, civilized world.
Maya: Yeah, Greenport's like ew. Don't go there.
Sally: Why not?
Maya: Have you seen the newspaper, the Suffolk times? It's constantly in the headlines.
Sally: ahh, wow. that's so lame. Greenport can just die.
Maya: It slowly is. Greenport is a ghost town during the winter months.
Sally: Oh, werd. I am definitely never chilling in Greenport.
by iknowthingsthatyoudon't January 09, 2012
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