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Green Poo (n) or Green Shit

1. The type of shit you do after a very heavy night out on the town. Can be a light brown to other stronger shades of green.

2. The type of shit that accompanies a night of drinking Rolling Rock.
Hey man, look at my shit! Green poo! Check that shit out! It's like a fucking Republic of Ireland football jersey!
by Johnny Cunt Dodger October 19, 2006
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Green poo: An excellent excuse for not going to work/school/friend or girlfriends house cos you really REALLY CBA!
Where the excuse of 'been sick' or 'got a cold' has worn so thin, green poo is such a strange excuse it wouldn't be questioned!
Worker: "I can't come in today, I'm sick."

Boss: "Oh really? and what is it this time? another cold?"

Worker: "No, I'm freaked out! I'm going to have to go to the hospital! I had a green poo!!"

Boss: "..... woah... really?!"
by Krasek February 21, 2009
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