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This highly homo erotic mixed erotic martial arts move is defined by the act of two jujitsu enthusiasts grappling fully nude in a public handicapped bathroom stall ending when the winner has the loser pinned in one of the art’s many submission techniques and then taking as big a shit on to the losing grappler’s head. For those not into fecal erotica, chocolate cake can be substituted as well as the use of a funnel and/or a glass coffee table to simulate this ancient act of mixed erotic martial arts.
“Dude, I just walked into the crippled stall and Jimothy and Jessie were wrestling, buck nekkid on the floor and Jimothy was gruntin’ out a huge shit onto Jessie’s forehead! WTF?”

“Ah… Good ol’ Jim, practicing his new jujitsu move again… haha…”

“Wth? That’s totally disgusting and gay!”

“That’s Jimothy’s signature move, the Green Bay Grappler!”
by RocketJohn September 06, 2007
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