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An extreme form of the Green Day Elite or the Green Day Snob. Excludes/derides all other Green Day fans because of any number of petty and ridiculous reasons. Usually considers self to be some kind of caretaker of all things Green Day. Root cause is usually envy and jealousy.

1. Depending on age of Green Day Nazi, it could be because the unfortuante Green Day Fan did not know of Green Day before their current album (usually either before American Idiot or Dookie, but could be any album).

The Green Day Nazi berated my 8 year old daughter because she did not know Green Day before Dookie. The Green Day Nazi apparently can't do math because my daughter was not born yet when Dookie came out.

2. Green Day Fan has better Green Day memorabilia than Green Day Nazi.

That Green Day Nazi refused to post my picture of Mike Dirnt's autograph because it says "Mike Loves Me" and she was jealous.

3. Green Day Fan does not know as much or knows more trivia than Green Day Nazi.

My little sister was kicked out of a Green Day Nazi's MySpace Group because she did not know Mike Dirnt's real name.

4. Any condition in which a Green Day Fan is perceived to threaten the status of the Green Day Nazi.

I was deleted from a Green Day Nazi's friend list because my screen name is DirntFiend and she did not think of it first.

by DirntFiend January 03, 2009
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