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A Greek Elitist is a member of a Sorority or Fraternity that feels that they, and their organization, are completely superior to all of the other Greek organizations; and aren't afraid to let it be known.

Instead of promoting Greek Unity, these "high and mighty" organizations and individuals incite anger and annoyance amongst members of the organizations and Independents that are around them.

Whether this is a true, and completely immature, mindset, or they are trolling for a response, most Greek Elitists are looked upon with disdain by the more mature members of Greek Life.
Woman 1: Ew, look at that whore, she must be an AXO.
Woman 2: I know right, those sluts.

Man 1: Look at that tool. He thinks he is better than us. All those PIKES are douches.
Man 2: Yeah, bro. They need to get over themselves. Damn Greek Elitist.
by Greek Unity September 21, 2011
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