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A seaside town on the East Coast in the county of Norfolk. World famous fish and chips and a once thriving tourist industry.

Home of the puppet man and pound shop galore. portrayed as a deprived area but a great place for your children to get Marijuana and Alcohol with ease. Great Yarmouth is now the home of the infamous 'Puppet Man' who get's his kicks from flapping puppets around all day to music for locals and tourists to enjoy and donate (he was once Norwich's attraction, but he wasn't good enough for Norwich so Yarmouth welcomed him with open arms). It is also the home of the legendary cult 'The Brotherhood' who's deeds have changed the world as we know it. Yarmouth is a very interesting place with something going on all the time, you just need to know where you look ( Out the Window ), but on a nice day, the sea-front is beautiful, always worth a nosey, don't be shy to visit, it's a thumbs up area.
Hey look at that funny man over there Daddy! *He's a woman son, must be from Great Yarmouth*
by daveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! February 28, 2011
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a fine town & hometown of the infamous all girl band the Dollies.
"Goin up maccyD's innit blud"
"Off my trolley, out of my face."
"Great Yarmouth chips for lyf"
by Amylouisefrench December 16, 2008
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