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A camp founded by the two iconic lame brothers, "The Leyland Brothers" the great Aussie bush camp is located somewhere behind this fail attempt at making the famous Abo rock; Uluru. The great aussie bush camp which isn't great at all has the worst food peasants could buy, cabins that were made for Oomper's and cool activities. Most activities though are often and most likely permanently closed or "Under Construction". This is a family park, aswell as a camp that schools who cant afford to to pay for a trip to the corner shop, would pay to go to.
Sandy: "Hey Alf! Did you ever end up going to the Great Aussie Bush Camp?"

Alf: "You mean that place that offers burgers that came from your grandmothers armpits?"

Sandy: "Yeah! that place!"

Alf: "Yep.."
by The Quiff May 23, 2010
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