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The place to get the best tasting cookies in the country, including Original Chocolate Chip, M&M, Sugar, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter, Double Fudge, Pecan Supreme, and many more. They also sell brownies, cookie cakes and cookie cake slices, Double Doozies, and some locations sell cupcakes and Icees. They are way better than their competitors Nestle. At one time owned by Mrs. Fields and now owned by NexCen, Great American Cookies became an instant retail phenomenon in 1977 when the first store opened in Atlanta, Georgia’s Perimeter Mall. Founded on the strength of a generations-old family chocolate chip cookie recipe, the company eventually set the standard for gourmet cookie sales in shopping centers nationwide. Their mission statement is simply: "Share the Fun of Cookies."
Kid at the Altamonte mall: "Yo I only got a couple bucks and I'm hungry..."
Friend: "Let's go get cookies from Great American Cookies. They're pretty cheap and they taste great."
by Jace555 May 02, 2009
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