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Grease Flipping: A Line of MDMA Or a bump (what ever you prefer) , 3 Dexys (Popped within 1hour) Shroom Chocolate with 2grams of shrooms in all the chocolate pieces. - The Greaser © Grease Grime KFC Productions :D (written after grease flipping (still high)

- I love dexys :D (yeah still high)
/ \
Grease Flipping Fat At a friends house received shroom chocolate 2 grams of shrooms in some chocolate, Do some MDMA at a school, Pop 2 dexies (dexedrine) have some shroom chocolate, wait 30 mins while the shrooms kick in pop 1 more dexy (dexedrine) give one too a friend, another to another friend MUST let the metal head do what ever the fuck he (or she) wants with it (You must have a hella stoner metal head in your group, a greaser, Artist, the really awesome friend with the mom that gives the shroom chocolate.

(*.*) <--- /Nigga T\ (when are friend was on the corner of dark and lonely)

What you need -

$10.00 for dexys (4 dexys)
Free line of MDMA from the metalhead thats hella stoner
Abilitiy too pass out at a chill friends house and make stem tea and Expressing ourselves through art on the greaser and the metal heads arm :) x.3 <-- (I have no idea)
by DJ-Grease October 30, 2010
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