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Graphedelic artwork can be described as being hippy (ideologically) and trippy (visually) in nature and / or holds reference to a visual hallucination which could be the source of inspiration for such work as is with a lot of psychedelic imagery, the promotion of altered states of mind is encouraged. Imagery such as magic mushrooms, Ganja or acid tabs are amongst the visual references that pop up in said works. Artwork that embraces the aesthetic has been present in some shape or form since the early 90’s but lacked true definition till its original definition in the early 00’s

Although strongly rooted in graffiti it is not a variation or style of graffiti as it is legitimate whether it has been created illegally on the street or within the confines of an art gallery.
Hippy: Yo man did you see that new psychedelic piece on the wall under the's totally far out...
Graff artist: Your trippin, that be some straight up wild-style graffiti
Graphedelic : Well actually you're both kinda right, i'd say that a prime example of some graphedelic shit!!
by Convict Inky-Zero January 15, 2010
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