Granville is the best
Granville cuz
by Granvilleking187 September 25, 2021
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Granville is a name and surname with French origin. It was a very popular in the early 19th century.

He is a loyal friend and always ready to help even if it means neglecting himself. He appreciates loyalty and respect from both parties.

Granville may not be the best performers in bed but he is always eager to learn and please his woman till her legs shake.

Granville can easily be persuaded by someone he cares for, whether good or bad. He is a great team player and loves a dare
Granville is so considered.

Work hard, be a Granville.
by QueenJustice March 2, 2022
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a focking badass from Montana. Wears shit kickers and don't give a fuck if that's your mom. Lol.
Watch your mom Granville will get her.
by Cassannpants March 29, 2021
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