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Manager of a popular fast food store. His 'keep it gangsta' mentality and 'ghetto' lifestyle, combined with his 'sick' cars and erratic driving, have earned him an infamous reputation with the local police force. However, he is not a white cap. Grant has lost his driver's licence at least four times, in the approximate four years he has had it. Grant is also a bum-buddy of Tim Blackwood. The pair together, are literally thick as thieves, and living proof that sodomy should be illegal. Grant has also been nominated for Australian Idol 347 times.
*Police car flashes sirens, Grant pulls over*.
Policewoman - "Mr Schweikert, how ya goin?"
Grant - "Do I know you?"
Policewoman - "No, but I know you!"
Grant - "Oh that is so ghetto..."
by Cockatoo Collins April 10, 2005
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