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The party of the century that took place on September 18th, 2007 and again on October 25th, 2007, although the latter didn't end as successfully as the first.

Pretty much a rave set in an abandoned home, Grandma Death's is an experience that, too many, will never truly be recreated or replaced. No other party will ever come close to this epic life-changing event.

Caused much scandal in the local high school after the second "Halloween Theme" party was called in, thanks to the neighbors across the street. After interrogation from officers and the school administration, everyone in attendance (roughly 60+ students) received Trespassing fines. Most students confessed due to a video camera being left behind, which the cops found upon arrival.

Term is used to describe an amazing moment in time. Very nostalgic. A heavenly experience. Dream come true.
"Wow, this ice cream is almost as amazing as Grandma Death's!"
"This song is sooo Grandma Death's!"
"Grandma Gone's was great... but it could never compare to Grandma Death's."
"I fought the LAW and the LAW WON with Grandma Death's!"
"The time I dropped E, it was like reliving Grandma Death's all over again!"
"I hope I go to Grandma Death's when I die."
by allnightraver March 09, 2009
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