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Similar to a grammar nazi, only little different from a psychopathic troll. Might be termed "grammarian rapist" to avoid ambiguity.
Assumes all-knowingness and natural personal "superiority" based on minor or accidental aspects of grammar and personal preferences of style that they might have picked up on a weekend's reading of "smart books".

Will rape logic and invade personal space and basically do anything to "win", no different from any troll, but perhaps with more radicality and egomaniacal pompousness. Only the end result of personal "dominance" and subjective "plausibility" counts, regardless of reality and logical argument.

Is actually incapable of normal and correct argument, and motivated purely by egocentric and predatory impulses, and think they have found the means to act them out.

Will almost immediately make a rapey, predatory attack on the target's integrity itself and unwarranted, overblown presumptions, and harass one only to have the last word. Is superstitious, small-minded and conceited enough to literally believe everything himself, though, and find the whole process "normal" and "natural".

Which it is why it is dangerous and detrimental to assume commonsense and intelligence about anything that is going on.
Grammar nazis might not always be as smart and knowledgeable, let alone relevant, as they think they are or pretend to be. But in the case of a grammar rapist intelligence, knowledge or relevance have devolved into purely personal impulses.
by felixh November 07, 2016
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